Friday, February 25, 2011

How I Play: Trundle

This week might be a bit of a surprise to those who know me but I have been having so much fun with this guy, I just have to write one.  Here are some beginner and advanced tips on how I play Trundle, the Cursed Troll.

"Defeat Trundle?  You must be trolling!"
This champion is different then what I usually play but he is a bruiser champion that can jungle and is a very effective tank.

1.  Champion Basics

Trundle has some very unique abilities that make him an asset to any team.  Also, because he isn't popular, there is very little risk of him receiving a ban.

His first ability is his spammable nuke.  Rabid Bite causes Trundles next ability to lurch him forward slightly, do increased damage and steal some of the targets attack damage.  This ability is very useful on enemy physical carries as it lowers the damage they can output in team fights.  It also allows Trundle to dish out some pretty mean damage early game.

His second ability is Contaminate.  Contaminate, well, it contaminates the ground in a large area, granting Trundle attack speed, movement speed and crowd control reduction while I on.  Drop this in a team fight and try to fight on it, as it will make you much stronger.  This ability also makes chasing a Trundle next to impossible.

The third ability Trundle has is Pillar of Filth.  Pillar erects a large stone pillar at a target location which obstructs movement similar to Anivia's wall.  In addition, enemies within a small radius of the pillar will have reduced movement speed.  You can use this ability both to chase and to evade enemies.  In team fights, try and drop this somewhere where it will disrupt the enemies ability to attack you.  Pushing the enemy carry back enough to stop them attacking for 2-3 seconds can win you a team fight.

Trundles ultimate ability is called Agony.  Trundle sunders the target, stealing a base amount of HP and a percentage of there MR and armor.  Additionally, over 6 seconds, this effect is doubled.  Using this on an enemy tank makes them incredibly squishy and also makes you incredibly tanky.

Trundles passive ability is decompose.  When an enemy dies near Trundle, Trundle is healed for a percentage of that units life.

2.  Champion Set-up

Trundle can be played a couple different ways, but I believe his most effective role is that of a jungling tank.

I take Armor Penetration marks, Health / level seals, Mana Regen / level glyphs and Armor Penetration quintessences.  The Mana Regen can be substituted out for CDR glyphs but I don't have any lying around and I don't have to build mana regen items this way.

For masteries I go 0/21/9, taking standard defensive masteries and picking up improved Ghost.  My summoner skills are Smite / Ghost.

3.  Item Build

Since you're going to be jungling, start with a cloth armor and 5 health potions and head to golem.  Pick up boots and get a Wriggle's Lantern ASAP.  Turn your boots into mercury treads and start building towards a Spirit Visage.  After that is completed you should take a look at the team you're against and decide whether you need more MR or armor or a balance.  Generally you'll want a Banshee's Veil for sure as you're next item, as well as a Guardian Angel.  As for the last item, it is mostly personal preference.  I like to get a frozen mallet because of the extra utility and survivability it provides.

4.  Skill Order

The skill order I follow is:
1.  Rabid Bite (Q)        10.  Contaminate (W)
2.  Contaminate (W)    11.  Agony (R)
3.  Rabid Bite (Q)        12.  Pillar of Filth (E)
4.  Pillar of Filth (E)    13.  Pillar of Filth (E)
5.  Rabid Bite (Q)        14.  Contaminate (W)
6.  Agony (R)               15.  Contaminate (W)
7.  Rabid Bite (Q)        16.  Agony (R)
8.  Contaminate (W)    17.  Pillar of Filth (E)
9.  Rabid Bite (Q)        18.  Pillar of Filth (E)

You can choose to finish Contaminate and Pillar of Filth when you like depending on your playstyle.

5.  Early game Trundle

In the jungle you want to start with golem, go to wolves, proceed to the ghosts and then wait a couple seconds to heal from your health pots and kill the lizard.  Return to base, get boots, kill the double golem camp and then start ganking.  You should be level 4 by now and with your speed, slow and damage output, a kill should be rather easy.

6.  Trundle in the later game

As the game goes on, you start dealing less damage and start becoming very tanky.  Your main focus at this point is disruption.  Disrupt the enemy team as much as possible during team fights and stop enemy damage output.  Do this and you should be well on your way to a win.

7.  Conclusion

This champion has become my favorite jungle champion over night.  Follow this guide and you'll be Trundlin' your opponents in no time.


  1. Great post. Thanks for the tips. next time i'm gonna use some of these.

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  5. I don't see much people playing with Trundle, maybe I can surprise people with this guide.

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  7. Trundle is one hell of an underdog.You need to have a good plan and a cool head to see it through,though.

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